Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Church Work-a 2020 Vision

World Gospel Mission in Honduras works with the “Santidad” church. The Choluteca regional ministry started in 1999 as a result of Hurricane Mitch. The immediate need was to establish a church in the region. At this point, we now have 8 congregations in different stages of growth. The church continues to be involved in the transformation of people's lives and es expanding into new communities around Choluteca. The church is the foundation of all that we do. Our vocational school, health promotion program, and nursing high school all depend on a strong, vibrant, and active church.

We arrived as a couple, along with Maria our youngest daughter, in 2000 and spent most of our first 6 years working entirely with the church. We were involved in helping start several small congregations out in different villages. We worked as a team with key Hondurans in the regional church.

Adding to the Church
We are a part of the Shalom church which started on February 14th. 2009. It was started by a group of about 20 people who were earnestly seeking peace in all areas of their lives. We started without a pastor and then the congregation asked us to take over the pastoral leadership. Larry was ordained by the Santidad church.

When we return to Honduras in January 2019 we anticipate starting community development projects in two new communities. By 2020, we hope to have two new church congregations established.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Educational Institute of Wholistic Transformation (IETI)

Help make history by investing in the first nursing high school in Honduras. We need to construct three new classrooms by February 2018. A single classroom will cost approximately $15,000 in materials.

The Need- There are many difficulties that the country of Honduras faces in the areas of education and in improving the health of the population. These challenges are also a reality in the city of Choluteca where we have worked for the past 17 years. To help meet these needs, our ministry team has started the first nursing high school in Honduras.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), as of June 2016, 60.9% of Honduran households were living in poverty. Educationally in Honduras, only 31.7% of the youth between the ages of 15-17 are attending classes. So, nearly two-thirds of the young people are not in school.

For years, many of the nurses in Honduras have become nurses aides by graduating from non-formal education programs. These programs only offer one year of nursing education. The non-formal nurse's aides program is not a part of the high school program.

The First Nursing High School in Honduras- The IETI high school was established in 2017 to meet two urgent needs: to fill a gap in the nursing education in Honduras and to provide an opportunity for a quality and innovative educational program for disadvantaged youth. There is a great need to reach at-risk youth.

First-year nursing high school students
IETI is a high school pilot program for all of Honduras. The nursing school will enhance the capacity of Honduras to educate a new group of professional nurses who will improve the health outcomes of the 8.1 million citizens of Honduras. The school will help meet the need for teaching more students, giving them an opportunity to obtain better jobs when they graduate. The graduates will also be instrumental in transforming healthcare in Honduras.

In a short time, the school has developed a positive reputation in the community. Our first year (2017) was a great success as we worked together to design curriculum, set up classrooms, and hire personnel. The first year students responded positively to the heavy nursing class load. Enrolled students study an enhanced science curriculum including math, chemistry, physics, biology, and microbiology. The school curriculum includes medical ethics, sociology, psychology and medical terminology with an emphasis on the healthcare application in grades 10 & 11. The third year of the curriculum consists of an intensive hands-on clinical component. These professional nurses will be prepared to assume roles in hospitals and public health departments and enhance health care delivery and health outcomes to the people of Honduras.

Construction Project (Urgent)- We are purchasing property to expand in the future, but our immediate, urgent need is to construct three classrooms and bathrooms for the 2018 academic year which begins in February. The construction project will cost $50,000 in materials. This building project will directly benefit a minimum population of 75 young people in 2018.

Layout for future classrooms

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Join Us

Angie and I are excited that you are interested in joining us in helping transform people's lives in Honduras. We have spent our entire careers with World Gospel Mission working towards helping the people of Honduras have a better life. Everything we do is based on our calling and desire to serve God and to do His will. The church is the foundation of all that we do. We primarily work through education.

The Choluteca ministry is diverse and we always hesitate to suggest how others might become involved. We do not want to limit your participation by the limitation of our ideas. Based on our experience, the following blog posts are intended to specifically suggest ways that you might participate with us in the ministry in Choluteca.

God has challenged us to give a lifetime of love to others. At times, that means that we have to step out of our comfort zone and develop new talents and gifts. At times, we will be challenged to invest in others in ways we had never imagined. In all cases, Angie and I believe that you will be blessed. God has called us to serve the people of Honduras, but as we do that we believe that we can serve you as well by helping you find ways to invest your life in the lives of others.